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That Skein

So, my new Brightness and Contrast pattern is really focused on what I call That Skein. I think most people (well, most knitters!) immediately know what I’m talking about… but let’s take a moment to just revel in the sheer variety and wonderful insanity that That Skein can bring to your knitting. And, at the end, I’ll do a draw for a copy of the pattern!

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Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?

… I’ve been to London, to visit the Queen!

Well, almost.

I was barely in London (if Gatwick even counts as London), and I didn’t see the Queen or any of the Royals – but I did spend a really wonderful 6 days in England. My parents were there on a longer itinerary and very, very generously flew me over to join them for the last few days of their trip.

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Just a glimpse

I finally decided what to do with my Shalimar Breathless. The winning pattern? Not a cardigan after all (it’s a pullover), and one that hadn’t even been released when I originally planned to get started.

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Actual Knitting Content: PLATYPUS

I have been knitting the most brilliant, ingenious pattern – designed by my friend Selina Siu (Littlesplines on Ravelry). This is the kind of knitting that makes you giddy, because it’s so smart, and so simple, and yet it’s so unheard of.

platypus collage

Platypus mitts!

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Oh Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart

The Cecilia cardigan I’ve been working on for my friend to wear at her wedding is done and blocked! But, like the song says, she’s shaking my confidence daily… Continue reading


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More weaving

As promised, here’s more on my new obsession… Continue reading


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Hey Universe, I wasn’t trying to be prophetic with that last blog post. You didn’t have to go and prove my point again…

Kitchen Sink Dyeworks is another talented indie dyer who’s putting away the dyepots in favour of design and other life priorities. Another dyer whose products I’m tempted to hoard! (Yes, there’s a sale on.)

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Yarn shortage?

These seem to be tough days for indie dyers in my neck of the woods.

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A Cashmere Hug

Even while I was knitting the Damask shawl, by Kitman Figueroa, for my sister’s wedding, I was already plotting which of Kitman’s patterns to knit next. Seriously, that woman is some kind of stitch-whisperer; the way she combines stitch patterns is nothing short of magical.

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These days, it seems I either have a backlog of unbloggable knitting, or I have a backlog of unblogged knitting.

(Actually, right now I kind of have both, but obviously I can’t get into the unbloggable stuff just now.)

More gratuitous shawl pictures

This, however, is eminently bloggable!

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