About AnnieBee


Anne / anniebee

I’m lucky enough to live and work in uptown Waterloo — Ontario, Canada — with my wonderful husband, Mr. Bee. We were married nearby, in Waterloo Park, in August 2005. I work a block or so away from where we held the ceremony, and it’s a treat to say ‘hello’ to those memories every time I go past.

I’ve only been knitting since early 2005, and in that time I’ve progressed from knitted not-quite-square things to lace, colourwork, cables, and so on. I credit Knitty, and then Ravelry, with transforming the way I knit, taking it from a very private, introverted passtime to something that has become a pivotal piece of my social life. Encouraged by meeting up with some local Ravelers at my favourite LYS, in 2008, I joined the local knitting guild, which just happens to be one of the largest in Canada. In September 2009, became the VP of that guild, and that opened up even more adventures — as did my subsequent year as president. That group of local Ravelers has developed into the #uptownknitmob, some of my very dearest friends. With their encouragement, I’ve even taken the leap into designing, first self-publishing, and then in actual magazines.