Indie Design Gift-a-Long — Designer Interviews! Kate Poe / Rosegil

As part of the Indie Design Gift-a-Long, there’s a massive blog-hop going on, with many of the nearly-300 participating designers interviewing each other. It’s a really fun way for us to get to know each other and learn from one another, AND to introduce our readers to other talented independent designers!

Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce Kate Poe, also known as Rosegil, and her lovely shawl and sock designs! (All images in this post are Kate’s, and are copyright to her.)

Anne: Hi Kate! Thanks for agreeing to the interview!

Your designs seem split pretty evenly between socks and lace shawls. What attracts you to those types of projects?

Kate: For starters, my only design rule is that I will only design something I would knit.  Socks are my go to project.  A lot of times, I’ll just start knitting a sock and make up a pattern as I go.  Shawls are my sit down and relax projects.  They make fantastic accessories and the transformation during blocking is such a wow.  You also have more canvas to create a design with a shawl pattern. 

Kate’s White Snows of Winter MKAL

Anne: Your White Snows of Winter shawl is absolutely breathtaking. What a huge project! And you ran it as a mystery knit-a-long. How was that experience?

Kate: Thank you for the compliment.  I had a lot of fun with it.  The best part was seeing everyone’s different shawls.  The number of people that participated was a bit of a surprise.  I was not expecting it to take off like that. 

Anne: What does your design process look like? Where do you start from — the yarn or the construction or a stitch pattern or…? What tools do you use in your process?

Kate: The process varies.  It could start with the yarn, the stitch pattern, the name, an idea, or even the mental picture of the finished item.  White Snows of Winter started as the idea for a snowflake shawl.  I have one I’m working on now that didn’t exist until I saw the yarn.  A sock in the works was inspired by the stitch pattern.  Once I have the idea, i’ll either do a basic sketch or write out the description, then start working out the stitch pattern and how the pattern will flow.  I use graph paper and Excel to do the charts.  I do need to find a good charting software for cables.  Excel is great for lace, not so much for cables.

Kate’s gorgeous Titania Shawl

Anne: You have a Ravelry Group, the Weird Sisters, which you share with another designer. How did that come about? What should people expect to find in your group?

Kate: I mentioned to Alerra (my sister) that I was thinking of starting a group for my designs and she suggested that we join forces.  I hope that people find the group to be friendly and welcoming.  The goal is to have more KALs and more chatter, but that will come in time.  Of course, questions can always be asked about one of our patterns.  I do run pattern tests there and will be probably running some naming contests in the new future.  

Kate’s cunning Flesh Wound socks!

Anne: You’ve been published professionally in Interweave’s Enchanted Knits, and by Holiday Yarns. What do you like about independent publishing versus publishing in others’ magazines or books? How does the experience differ?

Kate: The main difference has been formatting and timing.    When I’m self publishing, I use my format and I can publish when I want.  I find it harder to write for a publication, because of the formatting requirements.  Of course, the greater exposure is nice.  I can also pick my own yarn when self publishing.

Anne: What’s been your most rewarding experience as a designer?

Kate: I’d have to say that it’s when the pieces fall together and the pattern works.  Though, if I ever see someone sporting one of my designs at an event……..…

Kate’s Seasons of Persephone shawl

Anne: Are you enjoying being part of the Indie Design Gift-a-long? What’s the best part, for you? Did you take part last year? Are you taking part in the knit-a-long aspect, following any other designers’ patterns?

Kate: I am enjoying being part of the GAL.  I missed it last year, so I’m glad I was paying enough attention and didn’t miss the sign up thread.  The best part, so far, has been the enthusiasm of everyone.  Right now, I’m not taking part in the KAL threads, I’ve got too much already that needs to be completed.  I have bought several patterns from other designers. 

Kate’s luxe Lucrezia socks

Thanks again to Kate for taking part in the GAL and for taking time out to be interviewed!

Note: the sale aspect of the GAL is over, but the knit-a-long and crochet-a-long aspects, and all the fun and games and PRIZES, continue through to New Year’s Eve.

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