What to Knit?

I’ve finished a few lingering projects lately, and now… now I’m wondering what to knit next! I want to knit ALL THE THINGS, but I have only two hands, and that means I have to pick ONE pattern and ONE yarn (or set of yarns) to start with. But how?!?

I have four lovely, squishy skeins of Shalimar Yarns Breathless in the colourway Ore:

Breathless - Shalimar Yarns

Breathless – Shalimar Yarns

It’s a beautiful blend of merino, cashmere and silk. I love the subtlety of the greys. I want to make a sweater for myself, something professional and classic that I can wear to work. Most likely that’s going to be a cardigan — I live in cardigans, most days, so I know that’s a good option for me.

I have 1680 yards in the four skeins, so that’s my limiting factor. (For reference, I’ve got a roughly 41″ bust measurement. I’m not going to put my full measurements out there on the interwebs, but that much is essential for choosing a size…)

I put out the call on Twitter last night, asking folks what they would knit in my place. I got a lot of feedback — some people making suggestions, others wanting to know what patterns were under consideration because they themselves were pondering knitting something for themselves.* (I love my tweeps. Having an instant sounding-board is just incredibly awesome. Thanks, ladies!)

So here goes: my not-very-short short-list.

First, the drapey cardigans. I live in (commercial) sweaters with similar shapes, so I know they’re rock-solid choices in terms of wearability and a place in my wardrobe.**

  • Water and Stone by Veera Välimäki
    • The cable detail is fun — I like the way it’s almost like a scarf draped around the neck and down the back.
  • Water Street Cardigan by Glenna C.
    • I love Glenna’s pattern. Love love love. I’m just shy of the yardage it calls for, but I think I’m close enough, with a little tweaking. (Glenna thinks so too.)
    • Advantage: I know the designer and can potentially bribe her with home baking or a place to stay in KW in exchange for some insight or help with those tweaks! (grin!)
  • Ink by Hanna Maciejewska
    • Stunning cabley goodness. I’m a little concerned that the yardage stated in the pattern is too low — it calls for less yarn than either Water and Stone or Water Street and has more cables, which makes me fret just a little.
  • Ardelise by Vanessa Smith
    • This one is more fitted than the three above, but still the sort of thing that I could live in. I like it with and without a belt — bonus points for versatility. (It calls for sport weight yarn, but Breathless is a heavy fingering; I’m confident I can knit it at an appropriate gauge, with some swatching…)
  • Waiting by Samantha Kirby
    • A little more lacy, a little lighter… I think I’d leave off the button and close it with a shawl pin or wear it open.

Now, a few other possibilities of the non-drapey-cardigan variety have presented themselves as well. I think all of these are gorgeous and classic, but I’m not sure I’d wear them as frequently as my go-to cardigans:

  • Eira by Ann-Marie Jackson
    • This has been in my queue since it was published. So pretty and feminine! But I really like it in a true solid yarn, as opposed to a tonal yarn like the Breathless I have.
  • Iridium by Lisa Mutch
    • I like how trim and classic this is — and yet with the neckline and the textured vertical stripe, it’s not boring.
  • Mendel by Carol Feller
    • Elegant, with its clever little details.
  • Tulsa by Dawn Catanzaro
    • Pretty, and I like that it was definitely designed to work on curvier bodies! The little gather at the bust nails it for me. (That’s part of what I like about Eira, too.)
    • I might work the back in plain stockinette and just keep the openwork on the front — there’s a cool draught down my back, where I sit at the office, so a lacy back would just mean that the sweater would always be covered with a scarf or shawl.

Sooooooo… What to knit?!?

* Apparently the lovely Sandi Wiseheart and I have a very similar shortlist of patterns. Hmm. This is a Good Sign, because Sandi is Teh Awesome. I love the Sandrilene cardi she just knit, and the only reason it’s not on my shortlist is that it’s in worsted weight yarn.

** Funny. I just realized my sister Gillian has been working on sewing drapey cardigans for herself, because she also lives in them. Great minds think alike?


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4 responses to “What to Knit?

  1. I love Water and Stone or Ink myself, both will be snuggly and go with anything

  2. Peggy White

    I like Water Street! Personally, I would get very tired of knitting miles of gray stockinette with so little in the way of cables or pattern stitches to keep my interest going. So that’s why I couldn’t see myself tackling some of the others – unless I could do the boring bits on my knitting machine!

  3. geebeew

    All I can say is that a smart person would rig the Christmas gifts so that i get to give to you! 😉