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Oh Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart

The Cecilia cardigan I’ve been working on for my friend to wear at her wedding is done and blocked! But, like the song says, she’s shaking my confidence daily… Continue reading



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Wedding knits

Oh, right! I’ve been so distracted waiting for Jane Austen Knits to get published that I have somehow neglected to tell you about all the OTHER secret knitting I was doing!

My sister got married in August, and that prompted a total of 3 knits — some secret, some less so. I might as well blog about them all now!

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These days, it seems I either have a backlog of unbloggable knitting, or I have a backlog of unblogged knitting.

(Actually, right now I kind of have both, but obviously I can’t get into the unbloggable stuff just now.)

More gratuitous shawl pictures

This, however, is eminently bloggable!

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Five Years

Five years ago today, at this time, my stomach was full of butterflies and I was pretty sure that the spandex shapers I was wearing were the only thing keeping me from falling completely apart. My mother was sewing my bra straps into my dress so they wouldn’t peek out, and my father was checking the weather for about the 50th time (at my request) to see whether it would rain or not. (They didn’t, and it didn’t.)

Five years ago, plus a couple of hours, I stepped out of the car and walked into my fiance’s arms for the last time.

Anne, Don (officiant), & Dan

The ceremony

Five years ago, plus a couple of hours and a few minutes, he and I were standing inside the Grist Mill in Waterloo Park, surrounded by our closest friends and family.

And then… and then! I no longer had a fiance — I had, and have, a husband. Continue reading

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Ravelympics III

This was my first-ever Ravelympics, and before it started, I was really nervous about what I was getting myself into.

I had signed up to co-captain the local “team” (the Waterloo Wellington Winter Wonders, or Team 4W), but had no idea what that would entail. Continue reading


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