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That Skein

So, my new Brightness and Contrast pattern is really focused on what I call That Skein. I think most people (well, most knitters!) immediately know what I’m talking about… but let’s take a moment to just revel in the sheer variety and wonderful insanity that That Skein can bring to your knitting. And, at the end, I’ll do a draw for a copy of the pattern!

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We have a winner!

There were a total of 22 entries as of noon, Eastern time, today (January 1), for the giveaway of the very lovely Green Gables Knits. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas: For Kindred Spirits

Happy holidays, dear reader — whether you’re celebrating Christmas or just the fact that the days are getting longer at last, I wish you the very best. Personally, I am celebrating Christmas (albeit as a secular humanist/atheist/whatever term you prefer) in the way I love best: with family, food, wool, music, and warmth.

As a special Christmas treat, I am thrilled to announce a first for my blog: a giveaway draw! Read on for details…

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