Yarn shortage?

These seem to be tough days for indie dyers in my neck of the woods.

I heard today that the lovely Stephanie of Van Der Rock yarns is closing up shop with regard to her element-inspired hand-dyed yarns. She’ll still be designing* (phew!) but this is the last chance to grab her fab kits (on deep discount, no less.) I had to snap up a kit for her Zermatt vest, which in my size is now $28, instead of $57. I’ve been coveting that vest since its first appearance at the Knitters’ Fair, but I still feel bad about profiting from her closure.

* I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that Stephanie is the designer behind the gorgeous Meryton Coat in Jane Austen Knits…

Van Der Rock Merino Sock

Van Der Rock Merino Sock; Colourway: Arsenic

Van Der Rock Merino Sock

Van Der Rock Merino Sock; Colourway: Arsenic

There are also rumours floating around that Viola is or will soon be taking a break from dyeing; her Etsy shop is currently in vacation mode, and I don’t see anything official in her Ravelry group, but word is, she’s overloaded and either needed to expand or step back for a bit to find some balance.

Knitters' Fair yarn haul!

Viola Merino Fingering (Superwash merino) Colourway: Raven

Viola - BFL

Viola has pretty much the CUTEST yarn/fibre labels in the biz

Then, of course, Waterloo Wools (my dear friend Lindsey) is on a temporary hiatus — she’s on maternity leave with wee Evan! I still miss her constant stream of hand-dyed loveliness, though the cute sprog is a darned good excuse.

Uptownknitmob awesomeness

Waterloo Wools Niagara fingering weight, Peacock Feathers

Corriedale 2-ply handspun

Corriedale 2-ply handspun from Waterloo Wools; Colourway: Tunnel Vision

And there’s my other good friend Johanna of Lofty Fibres, whose dyeing output has taken a back seat to the recent passing of her mother. She’s been dealing with some other challenges and stresses too, and hasn’t been able to update her shop for some time.

Lofty Fibres "Sapphires at Midnight"

Lofty Fibres "Sapphires at Midnight"

Lofty Fibres Twisted Pairs

Lofty Fibres Twisted Pairs

I’m thankful that my stash has goodies from all of these talented dyers, which should last me for a good while.

Plus, I’m grateful that we still have a wealth of other great dyers around Ontario — such as IndigoDragonfly, Sericin Silkworks (right down the street from me!), Apple Laine, and, of course, a little company you might have heard of called Koigu. What other indie dyers do you turn to locally (wherever “local” is for you)?


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3 responses to “Yarn shortage?

  1. Oh my, I hadn’t realized quite how far this trend extended. Luckily I’ve got Genevieve (Turtlepurl) and Yvonne (Yvieknits) local to me. Oh, and also Ana (Art-by-Ana). I’m probably forgetting some.

    • Annie Bee

      The yarn biz is definitely a tough go! I’m so glad that so many talented people are able to make a go of it… but it’s sad to see favourites having to step away from it!

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