colour RIOT


I’ve been running an ongoing series of posts and guest posts here on the blog, under the banner “ColourRIOT“. I’ve also been invited — along with my sister Gillian — to speak on the topic. This page is intended to be a permanent home for the resources we’ve talked about on the blog and in the talks, to be used as a jumping-off point in your own colour explorations!

Note: this is not a post, or a series, on the techniques of fair isle/stranded knitting/intarsia — it’s all about choosing the yarns and playing with the colours. Others have faaaar more expertise in the area of technique, so I will gladly defer to them.


Colourful images and inspiration:

  • Gillian and I are pinning the images from the talk to a special board on Pinterest, as a sort of cheaters’ way of creating a citation list for our sources. Pinterest being what it is, the board is arranged chronologically by the date the picture was added, so it’s not the most organized of lists — but it does a really nice job of getting you to the pictures, quickly.
colour inspiration collage

Colour inspiration collage


Colour theory and resources:

Here are the two posts that started this whole little obsession off.

  • First, a post (originally written for Rock + Purl’s blog) entitled ‘Setting Colour Theory in Motion‘, all about the basic terminology of colour theory and how it applies to combining colours in knitting. I went through my stash and created sample colour schemes using yarn and knitted mitered squares to illustrate the ideas. I also included a number of (I think) really helpful links for learning more about colour.
colour theory examples 5

Colour theory samples, in yarn form


Personal colour palettes:

  • Gillian did a guest post on my blog about creating your own personal colour palette — something she had been doing with her own sewing, and with other friends who sew their own garments. She used my pins from Pinterest (and her own memory of my wardrobe) to create a personal palette for me.
Annie Bee's Colour Palette

My colour palette!

  • She talked about how useful a personal palette can be, in terms of being strategic about building your wardrobe, both with handknits and handsewn items, and with ready-to-wear items. It’s not necessarily about prescribing what you should wear, it’s more about recognizing what you do wear, and learning how to flesh out your closet with items that will combine well with those pieces. What basic wardrobe staples are you missing? What yarns are worth stocking up on, so that your stash really feels like you, and you can knit pieces that will work into your wardrobe?
anne's palette closet collage3

My closet!


More colourful posts:

hue & value preview for ravelry

Hue + Value

4 responses to “ColourRIOT

  1. Psstt… the link to the Pinterest board for your talk isn’t working!

    • Annie Bee

      Ah! That’s because it’s still private — we’re still collecting everything, but we’ll make it public before the talk. Oops, should have mentioned that!

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  3. ladyascott

    Hi Annie:) Just commenting here because comments for other posts are closed. I wanted to connect with you re: The Scott carpet. My father grew up in Maple Hall, and remembers the carpet being laid out in the parlor. I think its really cool I stumbled across your post! Feel free to send me an email at if you want to connect further!

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