Just a glimpse

I finally decided what to do with my Shalimar Breathless. The winning pattern? Not a cardigan after all (it’s a pullover), and one that hadn’t even been released when I originally planned to get started.

Afterlight, by Amy Herzog. (Ravelry link…)

Gorgeous pattern photography, eh? From the designer’s pattern page, with photo credit to Caro Sheridan.

It’s a lovely, simple but carefully thought-out, classic pullover, with a v-neck and 3/4 sleeves (which is how I end up wearing most sweaters regardless of the actual sleeve length). It’s the sort of thing that I could pair with a blazer and a skirt for a dressed-up day at work, or wear equally happily with jeans and fuzzy slippers, around the house.

So far I’ve only swatched, and then started on one sleeve.

Breathless Afterlight

Breathless is a merino-cashmere-silk base, and you can really see the silk’s sheen in photographs.

I’ve actually gotten a bit farther than the photo shows, but not much. I do have a predilection for working with finer yarns, so be prepared: a pullover for my not-tiny self in fingering weight is going to take some time. However, this is going to be something I can wear for years, and I’m determined to make it fit well and do the pattern and the yarn justice.

I should also note that I am well aware that (a) this is a very grey project to showcase in the middle of the ColourRIOT posts, and (b) this is a very grey project to be knitting in March in Canada. Dare I point out that my other knitting-for-me project right now is also grey?

Lichen Mists shawl in progress

My Lichen Mists shawl (Rockandpurl pattern and Willow Street Silk yarn) is also very grey. But it’s also silk, and therefore shiny! (It’s on hold at the moment because I have a gross rough patch on my thumb that keeps snagging the yarn.)

Actually, I find grey can be as interesting and as compelling as any other colour, when it’s done well — and these yarns? They’re done WELL.

At least my mitered squares are keeping the colour love alive, anyway!

mitered squares 1

Mmm, colour…


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12 responses to “Just a glimpse

  1. That’s gonna be a lovely sweater. I ove a 3/4 sleeve. Love it. Your silk shawl is coming out really nice and I’m loving the colors on your mitered squares. Looks so cool.

    • Annie Bee

      Thanks, Leila! I’m so looking forward to LIVING in this sweater, when I finish it. It’s exactly the sort of thing I reach for in RTW clothes, only (hopefully) actually custom-fitted and (definitely) using much higher quality materials!

  2. That is a beautiful pullover, and I’m sure you will do it justice. There is a lot to be said for having some basic neutral pieces that you wear with ANY color! That would be gorgeous with some wine-colored slacks or skirt!

    • Annie Bee

      Thanks! I have a lot of options to wear it with – which is one of the reasons I was so attracted to the yarn, I think.

  3. Great sweater choice, it looks super cozy. Those mitered squares are amazing!

    • Annie Bee

      Thanks, Maureen! The mitered squares are for a blanket I’m making, very slowly – they make for great portable, mindless knitting, and eventually I’ll have an afghan of gorgeousness. I’ve made these afghans for others, but have never quite managed to keep one for myself. Yet.

  4. Oh wow: v-neck, lovely little gathers, simple but beautiful. Stop adding must-haves to my queue!

    • Annie Bee

      HA. You DO realize that I have 1000 patterns in my queue on Ravelry right now, eh? Literally, 1000. I might need to do a little editing… but there’s so much goodness there!

  5. Oh that is sure to be lovely!

  6. Sue F

    Oh dear – I’m going to have to queue that sweater!