Chawton Mittens — Re-released!

Long-time readers of this blog will remember my Chawton Mittens, which were originally published in the inaugural issue of the Jane Austen Knits magazine all the way back in 2011. Well, the rights reverted back to me after a year, and re-releasing that beloved pattern has been on my to-do list since then. Today, my friends, I’ve finally done it!

Chawton Mittens

Chawton Mittens — including brand new pattern photography!

I’ve had the pattern thoroughly re-edited (by the always-excellent Ruth Garcia-Alcantud of Rock + Purl), and I’ve expanded the notes section with much more detail on things like yarn choice. The whole thing has been re-formatted to match my own branding — and, of course, there are a whole batch of new photos to ogle!

Chawton Mittens

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a winter-chilled woman in possession of a good yarn stash, must be in want of a mitten pattern.

It was great fun to revisit these mittens, and to stage the photos in new ways. I don’t have Interweave’s styling and photography teams (or budget!) but thankfully, the mittens speak for themselves quite clearly.

Chawton Mittens

The mitten palms are quite lovely in their own right, if I do say so myself.

Chawton Mittens

My friend Erin gave me a gorgeous Folio Society set of Jane Austen’s books, back when the mittens were originally published, and it seemed only right to feature them in the new photos!

My father very kindly took some photos of me last winter — we did have our first snow of the year this weekend, but I wanted to make sure I had REAL snow in these shots!

Chawton Mittens

Jane is showing her witty and mischievous side!

Chawton Mittens

Winter looks almost appealing here, eh?

The pattern is now live on Ravelry, for $4.50 CAD. (I should note that all of my patterns are also enabled for in-store sales, so yarn shops can sell patterns with yarn and claim a cut of the proceeds. It’s a great program and lets them make up one-of-a-kind kits for their customers on the spot, and lets the customer reap all the benefits of having the pattern in their Ravelry library…)

I wanted to recognize those who have bought the magazine, either on paper or in the digital version, and/or who have purchased the single digital pattern from Interweave. For you lovely people, I’m offering 50% off the re-released pattern, with a secret coupon code. The code is the number of stitches you cast on for the cuff of the mitten, spelled out in words (as in ‘nineteen’, ‘sixty-four’, or ‘ninety-eight’. (It was hard to come up with a piece of information that would identify people who own the pattern that would be the same across all versions!)

Side note: I’m so enjoying the comments coming in on my last post. I don’t want to throw off the random number generator by responding to comments, but I certainly am reading them! If you haven’t commented yet, please do — and be entered for a chance to win a copy of Brightness and Contrast! The draw closes on Friday evening!

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