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Colour Theory: More tips, tricks, and widgets

That last post on colour theory was a long one, but believe it or not, I still have more to say. But if the last post was a planned-out chapter, this post is more like a notebook full of sticky notes and scribbles. There’s just so much out there, and so many things I wanted to say or point you to, that didn’t fit into that original post!

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Setting Colour Theory In Motion

Last year, Ruth from Rock+Purl very kindly gave me the opportunity to talk about colour on her blog. I told the story of developing cataracts, losing access to the world of colour, and then finally having the eye surgery and re-gaining that whole magical world. Recently, she invited me back to talk about colour again, but this time I wanted to help YOU unlock some of the magic.

I am reposting my entry here in all its glory… This all stemmed from a talk I did with Johanna Botari at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters’ Guild last autumn, and I owe thanks to Johanna for giving the talk with me, and to Angela Blackstone, the Guild’s programming coordinator, for asking us to speak! This isn’t a straight copy of that talk by any means, or even of my portion of the talk, but it’s a chance to share some of the cool resources I found while preparing for it. Continue reading

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Guest Blog+Purl

I have a guest post up over at Rock+Purl today, all about colour theory (gasp! what a scary term!) and online tools we knitters can use to tame the terrifying beast. Thanks very much to Ruth, for hosting me! Stay tuned over here, as I have even more resources to share that didn’t fit into my guest post there.


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