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And now for something completely different: #SEWCIALBEE

My sister Gillian and her friends the #sewcialists are having an online sewing bee, which is basically a community garment-sewing challenge inspired by The Great British Sewing Bee (go watch it on youtube!) and Project Runway and the like. They’ve asked me (as someone connected to them, but not actually participating in the challenges) to issue the first sewing challenge.

Sewcial Bee Logo

It’s the #sewcialbee! (Logo courtesy of Gillian)

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DIY DSLR Camera Pouch

Here’s a quick-and-dirty little tutorial post for a bag I sewed up last night. It’s not a knitting post, and I can’t even begin to call myself a sewing expert, but I’m quite pleased with how the pouch turned out so I thought I’d share!

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ColourRIOT Guest Post: Your Wardobe Colour Palette

For this ColourRIOT post, I get to welcome my very dear sister to my blog! Gillian has been a huge inspiration to me in my thinking about colour, ever since we were little – not that I ever really had the same tastes as her, but her love of vibrant colour has consistently pushed me beyond my own comfort zone of neutrals. She inspires me with her hand-sewn wardrobe – she’s only been sewing garments for a year or so, but she keeps challenging herself with new fabrics and new garment types (she’s just now starting to sew pants for herself). She’s very generous with her sewing, too, and my own wardrobe is expanding with custom-made garments, thanks to her!

Gillian is also a core part of a growing group of Sewcialists: “A sewcialist is a person who enjoys sewing and uses social media to engage with others who also enjoy sewing. Sewcialists are an online community. We sew, we love to talk about sewing on social media, we are sewcialists.” I love watching her engagement in that vibrant and expanding community!

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