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Goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, hasn’t it?

It’s not like there’s been a lack of knitting in my life, or other fiber-related pursuits. There’s a certain brand of perfectionism that I keep succumbing to: if you can’t do something absolutely perfectly, you don’t do it at all. Quickie blog posts, that don’t do justice to the hours and hours of knitting that they reflect, just don’t seem to happen… which is ridiculous, if you think about it, given how frequently I post to Twitter!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking. The whole reason I’m writing this blog is not really because of the knitting — the knitting itself will happen whether I write about it or not. It’s because of the good friends I’ve developed in the knitting world and beyond.

And, although it’s the American Thanksgiving this week, and we Canadians have long since celebrated ours, I’m thinking a lot about gratitude, particularly in connection to those great friends.

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