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ColourRIOT Guest Post: In Praise of Neon

For this ColourRIOT guest post, I am super happy to welcome one of my most colourful (awesome, creative, inspirational, and sassy!) friends, Erin, to the blog. Erin is the genius behind Anatomy of a Skirt, Robotaday, and Moarmitten. She’s one of the competitors in the Craft Corner Death Match competition, too. Knitters may remember her popular Yarn Pirate bag, which was featured in the now-defunct Knit.1 magazine, or her Caaaarbs! Mittens in the Winter 2012 issue of Knitty. In her other life, she is a living-history interpreter at Kitchener’s Joseph Schneider Haus, where she has to dress in drab colours… which may explain her love of colour outside of work!

ALSO: TODAY IS ERIN’S BIRTHDAY! (See that neon there, Erin? That’s totally for you.) She deserves many excellent birthday wishes, and lots of hot chocolate to be consumed while wearing fuzzy neon pyjamas.

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