Announcing: Hue and Value!

I’m thrilled to announce a brand new pattern, launching today. Introducing the Hue and Value shawl!

hue & value preview

Hue and Value — pattern preview

Hue and Value is a pretty way to experiment with simple stitch patterns and textures, and to let two coordinating yarns play and mingle with each other. Choose two yarns with similar shades for a subtle effect, or choose contrasting colours for more punch. Work the shawl as written, or make it larger or smaller by adding or eliminating sections.

Improv Shawl 6

Two colours of yarn — closely related hues shown here — and lots of texture

The shawl is worked with two yarns, but there’s no stranded colourwork involved — all of the textural effects are created with simple striping and slipped stitches, plus a little dash of mesh lace. The bind-off is done with applied i-cord for a tidy edge.

Hue & Value 6

Tidy stripes!

Yarn requirements and measurements: 

2 coordinating fingering weight yarns, less than 100 gr each

In the purple and green sample, both yarns are String Theory Caper Sock. The purple is Black Tulip (MC) and the green is Peridot (CC). The final shawl measures 117 cm / 46” across the wingspan, and uses approximately 58 gr of each yarn.

In the purple sample, the pinker yarn is Viola Sock in Violet (MC) and the darker yarn is iPaint (uKnit) Handpaint Originals 2-Ply in Purple.  The final shawl measures 122 cm / 48” across the wingspan, and uses approximately 59 gr of each yarn.

Hue & Value 4

Contrasting or tonal? You decide!

The original (purple) shawl was one I knit for myself last year, and I used two partial skeins of stashed yarn. I improvised the pattern entirely, changing to a new stitch whenever I got bored of the previous one. Unfortunately, this means that the yarns I used for that version are no longer commercially available, to the best of my knowledge.

Improv shawl progress

The original shawl was completely improvised.

 My purple shawl became a not-infrequent topic of discussion at our local knit-nights, and several people urged me to write up the pattern. I was hesitant, but eventually bowed to their pressure. In the course of a couple of evenings, I went through and ‘read’ the shawl, reverse-engineering it to get it onto paper.

original hue & value draft


Since then, the pattern has been professionally tech-edited by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud/Rockandpurl (I can’t recommend her highly enough!) and beautifully test-knit by Kim McLean and Heather Morton. (Kim’s is the purple and green version shown in the pattern photos. Heather took her version off-road a little, and I cannot WAIT to show you the results in an upcoming post!) Kim also modelled for some of the pattern photos, and photographed me for others. I’m very lucky to have such talented friends supporting and encouraging me!

The pattern is available for $4.50 (Canadian dollars) on Ravelry. Alternately, click here to purchase immediately:

Please contact me at anniebeeknits AT gmail DOT com or via Ravelry with any pattern questions or errata.


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6 responses to “Announcing: Hue and Value!

  1. Ruth D

    Wow! It’s gorgeous! I especially love the colors.

    • Annie Bee

      I couldn’t be more thrilled with the colours that Kim chose for her test-knit (the purple and green). I can’t wait to see what other people use, too!

  2. They are both just gorgeous! I’d love one, if you are ever bored…. (HA! not likely!) Coral and navy would be awesome… or grey and turquoise… It’s a great pattern! good for you!

    • Annie Bee

      I was thinking about what colours I would use to do one for you! Not that I have time right now, but you never know… Thanks, G!