Thanks to my enabler

There’s something important that I need to say about that blanket. And about who deserves it.

Here’s the thing: yes, I go out of my way to help my friends and be supportive in any way I can, but I don’t, and can’t, do that on my own. I have the Best Enabler Ever, also known as my husband, Mr. Bee.

He’s the guy who chauffeurs me (and frequently, my friends!) all over town, since I don’t drive. He’s the one who zips home from work to walk Nike so that I can stay uptown to hang out with the uptownknitmob on Thursday nights. He’s the guy who bought me my schmancy camera and replaced my nearly-dead ancient laptop so I could keep doing my thing. He’s the guy who has never once complained about me wanting to visit a yarn shop or buy yarn, even when our budget was tight. He’s the guy who dropped everything yesterday to come and sit in the car while a friend and I took photos to accompany a forthcoming pattern. He’s the guy who welcomes my friends into our home and sits and listens and supports them every bit as much as I do.

He’s the one who keeps ME sane and safe enough to even consider venturing outside the house, and pushed me to show up to the very first uptownknitmob session lo these many years ago, knowing that I needed to break out of my shell.

mister bee

Mr. Bee

In other words, if I am in any way deserving of a Blanket of Fluffing Awesomeness, then he is, many times over, too.

I guess I’d better knuckle down and finish my mitered squares, eh?

mitered squares 1

The state of the mitered squares, last time I pulled them all out. There have been several more made since then!

Thank you, Danny Bee, for all that you do. I love you! You are FLUFFING AWESOME.


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3 responses to “Thanks to my enabler

  1. It’s nice to have someone to love!

  2. I gotta say, you’re a good duo! 🙂 I’m pretty sure that everyone would agree he’s faboo!

  3. ^^^^^ What she said 😀