Fluffing Awesome

My friends in the Uptownknitmob are the most incredible, generous, loving people. Also, they are ninjas. Sneaky, brilliant, awesome ninjas.

On Thursday evening, at our regular knit night, they caught me completely by surprise and presented me with a blanket that they have apparently been working on in secret since sometime last year.


Surprise! (Photos courtesy of Kim)

As they presented it to me, Heather M. read out the email from Wendy (who couldn’t be there in person) that had kick-started the whole project.

awesome blanket - suzanne photo

Heather reading to the group. (Photo courtesy of Suzanne)

fluffing awesome blanket

Wendy’s email of awesomeness. (Click through to Flickr to enlarge it for better readability, if needed.)

When I had choked back my tears and gathered my wits, at least somewhat, we spread the blanket out on a pool table so I could try to take in its full glory. There’s so much to see! (And actually? If you want to look at a blanket, there are worse places than a nicely-lit pool table to do so.)


Poring over every detail. (Photo credits: top left – Kim, top right – Suzanne, bottom – Meredith)

I don’t know what to say to these incredible people, other than THANK YOU. I do not feel worthy of such a gift — but I love it more than they can possibly know. I’m wrapped in it as I write this post, and all of these hand-knit squares are like individual hugs from each of the friends who knit them. (Please forgive the overly-clichéd writing, but I’m so overwhelmed that I don’t know how else to convey the warmth this gift brings.)

These knitters know me so well. They have nailed my style and my colour sense perfectly, as you can see. There’s richness here, depth and complexity, and light and vibrancy…

They also know that I’ve been going through some difficulties, health-wise, over the last weeks and months. They came up with the idea of the blanket long before those problems arose, and although a number of other group projects (like baby blankets for various members — blankets with deadlines!) delayed their efforts, in the end the timing was utterly perfect. Right as I needed support the most, this blanket appeared as tangible proof of the strength and depth of that support…

fluffing awesome blanket

Colour, glorious colour, in the daylight

I woke up to beautiful sunlight streaming into our bedroom this morning, and knew it was a perfect time to take pictures to share with everyone. I spent the better part of an hour snapping photos, examining each square, trying to guess which knitter had made (and in some cases, spun and/or dyed!) each one.

blanket collage

Details of a FEW of the EIGHTY-NINE squares in this blanket of awesomeness

Being the complete and utter nerd that I am, I also numbered all the squares and made a chart for myself, so I can record who made what, as people identify their contributions.


Numbered squares

The idea for the ColourRIOT series came about well after the group started their secret project. Apparently they’ve been giggling about how perfectly the blanket fits into that theme! It’s a perfect, PERFECT riot of colour.

blanket collage

The blanket is an incredible RIOT of beautiful colours.

I love the idea of the “blanket of fluffing awesomeness” being something that we can give, as a group, to members in years to come. We’ve got a strong tradition of making blankets or other group projects for members who have babies, but not all of the members are procreating, and I love that this will be something that recognizes other ways of contributing to the group (though we adore all of the babies and I have no wish to stop the knit-spawning!). I already have several other people in mind who should definitely be recipients of such a loving gift. I don’t feel worthy, but I am deeply honoured to be the first to receive a fluffing awesome blanket!

fluffing awesome blanket

Another shot of the blanket in its new home. (It probably won’t live on the bed, though — Nike would be clambering and shedding all over it in a matter of moments. I had to lock him out of the room and strip the dog-hair-covered duvet off the bed to take the photos!)

Thank you, my dear, dear friends.


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11 responses to “Fluffing Awesome

  1. You are much loved, dear friend. *hugs*

  2. You are fluffing awesome! When I saw the tweets I wondered how on earth they’d got this together that quickly, but man, it’s so fitting that this arrives at the right time for you.

  3. Joy Lang-Thompson

    How very gorgeous! It’s a beautiful blanket full of great memories of the friends who made it for you..

  4. Your friends are amazing! What a sweet way to tell you how awesome you are!

  5. Vanessa

    That is so amazing. You are really blessed!

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  7. You definitely deserve it. Plus, it was a lot of fun!

  8. *phew*

    Thank goodness they didn’t vote *THUMBSDOWN*