A Colourful Spin-Off?

I love how blogging and social media work sometimes.

I mean, it was the reaction to my guest-posts (one and two) on Ruth’s blog that got me thinking about writing more about colour.

It was my friend Sra’s comments about my post here that made me consider inviting guest-bloggers.

Gillian did her guest-post here and then followed it up with a great post on her own blog.

And now, Stephanie, one of Gillian’s sewcialist friends, has been blogging her reactions to Gillian’s posts about colour palettes, with her own colour palette and colour ideas. (Post one, post two.) What’s more, Stephanie’s mother is a professional colour consultant, so they’re turning Stephanie’s blog post into a whole series about finding and using your personal colour palette.

EDIT: Gillian just reminded me that another sewcialist, Shannon, has been working on her palette, too! How could I forget?

I love being caught up in this big chain of colour-loving!

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