Sweater Non-Progress and a Shaggy Dog Story

Last time I blogged, I was trying to decide which sweater to knit for myself. Truth is, though, I still haven’t gotten any farther than narrowing down that short-list. Life kind of got in the way.

First, my work schedule jumped up and slammed me up against a wall. I had three conferences, virtually back-to-back, in the space of two weeks — and in that time, I think I put in somewhere over sixty hours of overtime, above and beyond my regular work-weeks. I was swamped! I came to my senses and realized that this was not the time to strain my brain by jumping into Sweater Math.

Instead, I chose a project that was the most straight-forward thing I could find (even less taxing than my go-to mitered squares). Stockinette stitch, in the round, fingering weight, twenty-three inches of simplicity. Bonus? A free pattern. Torsion is a brilliant and very cool pattern. Basically, you knit a big long tube, starting with a provisional cast-on. When you’ve knit the whole long tube, you twist it around 360° in the middle, and tie it tightly. Then, you fold the tube back on itself, and finish with an i-cord bind-off joining the two ends of the tube.

Anyway, I was working lots, and knitting away on this simplest of projects, delaying the sweater until I could spare more time and brain power.

And then… a chain of events started to unfold, involving a family friend, a funeral, a foster dog, and a “puppy-shaped hole in our hearts”. Next thing we knew, we were meeting this little guy at the Niagara Falls Humane Society:

Everybody, meet Nike.

Everybody, meet Nike.

Yup, the Bees finally have a dog. (We have been wishing for a dog for a long, long time. This will come as no surprise to anyone who follows me on Pinterest, Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter…)

Nike is (we think, at least) a mix between a collie and a basset hound. He is completely, utterly sweet and gentle, and within five minutes of meeting him, we had already decided to adopt him. (This despite having promised each other multiple times that we would meet at least four or five dogs before making any decisions…)

Adoption day! (Look carefully and you might even spot my Torsion hat...)

Adoption day! (Look carefully and you might even spot my Torsion hat…)

We brought him home the very next day, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with this dog. Although he’s very, very shy at first (especially around men) you can see that he warms up quickly, and absolutely looooooves physical affection. (Scratch his neck or shoulder, and he’ll lean into the scratching until he actually falls over.)

We are supremely grateful for the staff and volunteers at the shelter, who obviously gave Nike a lot of love. He was with them from June through November — which is an unbelievably long time for such a sweet, handsome dog to go unadopted — and they worked with him on basic obedience throughout that time.

Seriously, seriously handsome.

Seriously, seriously handsome.

Nike is settling in extremely well with us. He sleeps at the foot of our bed, pads around the house to be near us wherever we go, loves playing with us in the back yard, and is working hard to mark the whole neighbourhood with his scent. We’re learning his funny little quirks: his way of nudging his leash when he needs to go out, his bouncy run when we’re playing, his way of kicking out his stubby legs and lowering himself into a ‘turkey’ pose — even his curious habit of lifting his leg to pee, then apparently surprising even himself by pooping in that position. (Uh, sorry, TMI, I know. I’m as bad as any new parent some days!)

How could anyone not love this face?

How could anyone not love this face?

Anyway. Turns out I still haven’t cast on for that sweater… but can you blame me?


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7 responses to “Sweater Non-Progress and a Shaggy Dog Story

  1. Lisa-Marie haugmoen

    Well,there’s always next year to knit that sweater. You and Nike all need time to bond on every level right now. Congrats on the family expansion! Happy Holidays!!

    • Annie Bee

      I think the sweater will be good Christmas-break knitting – or at least, that will be a good time to get started. Meanwhile, I’ve got a few gift-knits to get off the needles!

  2. He’s gorgeous! Won’t show him to my kids who already desperately want a dog, they have to persuade their dad first and until the building work is done on our garage we can’t have a dog and keep him safe anyway. Maybe you can knit the jersey later, once Nike’s settled in properly and is happy to observe you knitting.

    • Carole Nelson

      oh!!! isn’t he a beauty. Enjoy your new love and knit in the cracks of time. Lucky you, lucky him for having you!!!

    • Annie Bee

      This was definitely a long time coming – but the wait is worth it! We lived in an apartment for the first 6 years of our marriage, which was just not conducive to doggie life. December 1st was both the one-year anniversary of our moving into a house (fenced back yard and all) AND the one-week anniversary of adopting Nike. When everything lines up, the doggie delight is wonderful.

  3. He is absolutely adorable! What an interesting combo too.