The Book of Ellen

I pulled together a book using Shutterfly, back in the summer, featuring all the photos and research we’ve done about the Scott Carpet. It was only intended as  something to share with my family, but there’s been some interest from others as well, so I thought I’d post it here.

(This is a little bit of an experiment — both using Shutterfly as a service, and using their widget to post the book here. If the flash thingy below doesn’t work, you can click through here to go to the actual site.)

If I’m doing this right, anyone interested should be able to actually order a copy of this book from Shutterfly. Now, I don’t expect that many people will want to do that — it’s a pretty niche category of ‘literature’ after all — and I don’t think I get any cut on anything anyone buys, so I have absolutely no vested interest in encouraging anyone to shell out. BUT, that said, my parents recently spent some time in the Lansdowne area of Ontario, where the carpet was woven, and a variety of people there (some relatives, some local history buffs) were asking them about copies of this information. I’m posting this primarily for them!

(ETA: Yep, the fancy flash-based box that’s supposed to let you preview the book from within my blog doesn’t appear to be working, or maybe just not in some browsers. Click through to see it on the Shutterfly site instead!)

Click here to view this photo book larger
Shutterfly photo books offer a variety of layouts and cover options to choose from.


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4 responses to “The Book of Ellen

  1. Mark Whitcombe

    Smart move, Anne!

  2. what a beautiful book!

    • Annie Bee

      Thank you! It was SO much fun to make. I may obsess just a little over tweaking graphics at times… 😉

  3. Nice work, putting all that picture-taking, research & writing into a lovely hard copy.