Soakboxes & TNNA

So, it sounds like the Soakboxes were a big hit at TNNA (the big yarn-world trade show that took place this past weekend). One day — one fine, fine day — I may become a yarn-world insider, and attend TNNA myself. But for now, it’s pretty damn cool to know that I was there by proxy.* / ** / *** / ****

Hanging with @ravelry and @fionaellis at the Soak booth!

Photo from Jacqueline at Soak

* At least, a photo of my torso was — check out that background!

** And hey, this time I didn’t have a big “censored” bar across my bosom!

*** Virtual-me keeps some pretty fine company, eh? That’s Fiona Ellis on the right, and the ladies of Ravelry with her.

**** Real-me is star-struck.


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5 responses to “Soakboxes & TNNA

  1. Karen and I were watching that photo being taken, and totally talking about you and Natalie (who was also there by proxy) 😉