KWKG Adjudicated Show 2012 – Part 2, The Show!

Okay, so (following on yesterday’s post) now it’s Tuesday, it’s a stinking hot day, there’s only one working toilet, and we’re about to have 150 people come to see the Guild’s Adjudicated Show. Everyone with me so far?

Actually, despite the heat and humidity, the plumbing situation, and a little panic about a missing box of prizes (which was safe, just not at the church)… I can honestly say that the show was a huge success.

Fiona was, predictably, marvellous — as was Victoria, the incumbent Guild president, who acted as MC.

The models did a great job at showing off all the diverse knits — we even had one canine model on hand to show off his custom-made dog sweater! The models, and those who worked behind the scenes to dress them, really showed off the items to their best advantage:

Models and knits. Photos courtesy of Adam Benjamin/Shuttermonster

The top three items in each category won some phenomenal prizes, donated by LYSes and yarn/bag/tool companies.

Winners! Photos courtesy of Adam Benjamin/Shuttermonster

Seriously — just check out this lineup of the winning entries to see the mind-blowing variety included:

Adjudicated Show winners

Winning entries. Photos courtesy of Suzanne Carter-Jackson/Zerocattle

Yup. Lace shawls, short rows, beads, fair isle, art knitting, intarsia-in-the-round fringed socks… and a whole chess set made up of magnetized felted brain-slugs (a la Futurama), just because. The photos of ALL the entries are up on the Guild website, or you can check out the winners on Flickr, along with photos of the show itself.

Yay Uptownknitmob! Photos courtesy of Adam Benjamin/Shuttermonster

I have to say, I’m really proud of and impressed by the Uptownknitmob gang’s part in the show.

Jill, with her husband in the top right, above, has only been knitting for a couple of years and yet she entered a batch of projects that any knitter would be proud of — my personal favourite being a fair-isle vest (link goes to her Ravelry project) based on a favourite sweater from high school, where she literally sat with a magnifying glass to work out the colourwork pattern in the original. She then applied that charted pattern to a completely different garment pattern,  at a completely different gauge, and totally rocked it. She even finished it with perfect steeks, which she cut while at the pub at knit night!

Selina, in the top left photo and in the background of the bottom shot, knocked everyone’s socks off with her knitted, felted, magnetic brain-slug chess board (Ravelry project page link). It’s just so crazy, and so silly, and so much FUN that it absolutely demands you drop everything and play with it. But she also took home prizes for the blue version of her Rand() sweater (Rav pattern page link), which is a mathematical delight, and her incredibly bead-intense “Masochist’s Hanami Stole” (Rav project page link), which includes more beads (about 900) than yards of silk laceweight yarn (about 750). Many people commented that if there were a best in show award, it ought to go to Selina, to honour the breadth and depth of her knitting scope.

Johanna made the mind-blowing socks, below right, which included all the techniques she learned at Sock Summit II in a single pair of socks. There’s intarsia in the round (several times over, given the multiple stripes), and multiple wacky embellishments. She also received prizes for her Spatterdash mitts (centre top, below) and a hand-carded, hand-dyed, hand-spun, hand-knit, self-designed hat (not pictured).

Teresa won prizes for two hats — one involving intarsia colourwork cables and a brioche rib — and Suzanne’s fair-isle sweater (bottom, centre) got a prize as well. Victoria won a first-place prize with her floaty lace shawl. Regular readers of this blog (if there are any) may recognize my Chawton mittens and my mitered-square blanket below too — I was thrilled to place second (in different categories) with those!

Uptownknitmob winners. Photos courtesy of Suzanne Carter-Jackson/Zerocattle


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5 responses to “KWKG Adjudicated Show 2012 – Part 2, The Show!

  1. OH my goodness. I really had no idea what elaborate knitting affairs exist in the world. I’m awed and quite envious. Many congratulations on your wins & here’s to many more next year! 😉

    • Annie Bee

      I’m REALLY lucky to live in a hotbed of knitting activity. We have one of the largest guilds in Canada, AND we’re just down the road from Toronto, home to one of the others. Plus, Toronto is home to Amy from Knitty, the Yarn Harlot, Fiona Ellis, and a lot of other really talented Big Names, which enables us to have a great selection of guest speakers, too! Of course, Derya, if you ever make it to Canada, we would love to have you speak to our group too — and join the uptownknitmob gang for a knit night or two?

  2. littlesplines

    Congratulations on your wonderful items! also, fantastic organization, I learned a lot from you!

  3. Wow! I didn’t know that there was a fashion show! I really liked getting ome insight into your knitting world through these two posts. Thanks! (And KnitMob, way to dominate! I’m impressed with everyone!)