World-wide Knit In Public Day at Shall We Knit?

Despite a day that began with a downpour (and continued with rain throughout the afternoon, for that matter), WWKIP @ SWK (Shall We Knit?, my fave local yarn shop) was such a blast. The SWK ladies put on a more-than-three-ring circus — there were carnival games, dyeing demos with IndigoDragonfly, hand spa treatments with Soakboxes and Body Blessed products, a knitting clinic with WiseHilda, a bake sale and a barbecue, door prizes, a silent auction of shop samples, and a healthy dose of general mayhem.

All smiles!

All SORTS of people came out to play — including Amy Singer of Knitty, with her ukelele, and Heather from Joey’s House. There were knitters, and those who love knitters, of all ages. (This included a three-day-old baby, Brooklyn, and IndigoDragonDad, Kim-of-IndigoDragonfly’s father.)

All ages!

More stars came out to play: here’s Swami Guru Wisehilda (it was $5 [for charity] to ask her a knitting question, and free if she wasn’t able to answer you/solve your problem); Debbie New (who’s working on knitting a Klein bottle hat, as one does — mathematical impossibilities be damned); and (bottom right) local spinner/luxury fibre expert Tabi of Sericin Silkworks.

More stars out to play!

SWK staffer Lise evidently used to do nails professionally, in a past life, so she ran with the launch of the new Soakboxes* and collaborated with Sue of Body Blessed to offer a manicure station with hand massages, again with proceeds to charity.

Soakbox polishes, taken to the next level!

* Oh, and those Soakboxes? I’m going to have to do a whole other post on my connection to those, soon, but meanwhile I’ll leave you with these images.


Meanwhile, in the tent in the parking lot, Kim and Ron of IndigoDragonfly had an incredible thing going on. What was going to be a “simple” dyeing demonstration absolutely took off, in the kind of way that can only happen with this level of creative energy and synergy.

Dyeing demo

Just 3 or 4 days before the big day, Kim and Ron decided to auction off the naming rights to the yarns they would be dyeing during the demonstrations. There would be 6 batches of yarn, with 4 skeins in each; so there would be 6 winning names, and the 6 highest bidders would each get a skein of ‘their’ yarn. The other 3 skeins of each yarn would be sold in a silent auction to those actually present during the day. Aside from actual material costs, the proceeds would all go to charity… How did that work out? Here’s what Kim tweeted:

Final gross for Saturday’s Naming/Yarn auction: $1584 (expenses should be around $250 for materials)

I always knew knitters were generous, but WOW. That’s JUST for the IndigoDragonfly portion of the goings-on — SWK hasn’t announced their final total raised, but between the bake sale and barbecue, the carnival games, the WiseHilda consultations, and the manicure station, I gather they raised a very significant pile of money as well.

I’m proud to have been a (very small) part of the day, and of this community of knitters.

I’m also thrilled that my sister got to share in the day — she has already put me to shame with her speed in getting a lovely blog post up about it! She’s not a knitter (any more) but she’s a very skilled and creative crafter in her own right, and I think it was really rejuvenating for both of us to steep ourselves in the energy of this day. (The fabric shopping, and the visit to a friend at a living history site, were also great fun!)

There’s a photoset of all my pictures of the day here. My friend Suzanne covered another portion of the event; her photos are here.

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