Japanese for Crafters

My sister, the sewing whiz over at Crafting a Rainbow, is ramping up for a Japanese for Crafters series of blog posts.

Japanese for crafters bar

Japanese for Crafters

I don’t know exactly what she has planned, but it promises to be good stuff. After all, she taught in Japan for about five years in all, so she has both the language skills AND the craft skills to rock this.

I’m willing to bet that knitters know at least a little bit of Japanese — more than we think, anyway. For example, that fab colour-shifting Noro Kureyon? “Ku-rey-on.” Crayon. (It truly is just a syllabic spelling of the English word.)

Noro Kureyon

Noro Kureyon

Anyway,  hop on over and have a look at what else “Ji-ri-an” (Gillian) has to teach us!


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3 responses to “Japanese for Crafters

  1. craftandcraftiness

    Wow! That was the fastest blog post I’ve ever seen! Thanks! 😉
    Basically, I’m taking part in Me-Made May, a challenge to wear handmade clothes for a month. Part of the tradition is to take a daily outfit picture. I feel ridiculous taking that many pictures of myself though, and I always feel silly posing! I figured that if I taught a word of Japanese a day, that would spice things up and make it more interesting! I’m not fluent in Japanese, but info think its a fun language!

  2. “Ku-rey-on.” Crayon. (It truly is just a syllabic spelling of the English word. <<<< Facepalm. I never noticed. Oy.

    • Annie Bee

      Don’t worry, I never would have caught that one either, without Gillian pointing it out.