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Hey Universe, I wasn’t trying to be prophetic with that last blog post. You didn’t have to go and prove my point again…

Kitchen Sink Dyeworks is another talented indie dyer who’s putting away the dyepots in favour of design and other life priorities. Another dyer whose products I’m tempted to hoard! (Yes, there’s a sale on.)


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Yarn shortage?

These seem to be tough days for indie dyers in my neck of the woods.

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A Cashmere Hug

Even while I was knitting the Damask shawl, by Kitman Figueroa, for my sister’s wedding, I was already plotting which of Kitman’s patterns to knit next. Seriously, that woman is some kind of stitch-whisperer; the way she combines stitch patterns is nothing short of magical.

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Wedding knits

Oh, right! I’ve been so distracted waiting for Jane Austen Knits to get published that I have somehow neglected to tell you about all the OTHER secret knitting I was doing!

My sister got married in August, and that prompted a total of 3 knits — some secret, some less so. I might as well blog about them all now!

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It’s time to reveal the Sooper Seekrit Project that I’ve been hinting at for, oh, close to a year now. May I present my very first professional design:

Chawton Mittens

Chawton Mittens

Chawton Mittens -- photo courtesy of Interweave

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