More on those Really Small Circs

A few more shots today, to further explain yesterday’s post and my ramblings about the Really Small Circs.

Here’s another reference shot of the 9″ circs, for scale. While I don’t have tiny hands, they’re definitely not huge either!

9" circs


Like I said, a knit stitch is workable on these. You can see that I’m already having to flex the  cord fairly tightly to get the needles into position for knitting — and that all the pressure has to come from the fingers, since you’re not getting any leverage from your hands with needles this small!

9" circs

Ready for a knit stitch

But here’s the flex needed for a purl stitch — see how much tighter the cord is now? (And I don’t even have the tips quite end to end here. The start of the stitch requires even more flex!)

9" circs

Purling? Bah humbug.

By contrast, the 12″ circs feel positively enormous… but I’m still glad I don’t have to purl much with them! The needle tips (which are mostly hidden by sweater sleeve here) are longer than on the 9″ needles, and even though they’ve actually got an angle incorporated into the tips, they still require a bit of a fight to wrestle into purling position.

12" circs in action

12" circs in action

I should mention that both sets of circs here are Hiya Hiyas — not the brand with the most flexible cords out there, but substantially better than the sort of thing sold in big box stores. Frankly, I think that while a slightly softer cord might help a bit, a cord that’s too flexible would bring its own set of frustrations at this size…

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