Gift knitting, revealed! 4.0

I almost didn’t blog the final knitted gift I made, because I completely forgot to take any FO pictures of it. However, in the interest of giving a Really Good Pattern greater exposure, here we are.

Rusalka Mitt v2.0

Rusalka Mitt

These are the Rusalka Mitts (Rav link) by Robin Melanson, from the book Knitting New Mittens and Gloves.

BONUS: They are available for free! The PDF was released as a promotion for the book, when it first came out. Do note, though, that the one PDF covers the full-page spread of the layout, so if you possibly can, print it out on 11×17″ paper, or else be prepared to squint a lot.

Ravelry details of my version
Yarn: KnitPicks Essential (now called Stroll), about 3/5 of a ball
Needles: 3mm

I made these for my mother-in-law, whose office is frequently chilly. I had actually made a version for myself, ages ago, and I love them muchly, so when I wanted a fingerless mitt pattern for her, I knew exactly which one I wanted to use.

Key things to love about these mitts:

  • Perfect use for sock yarn, for a non-sock-knitter
  • Lightweight yarn means they’re not bulky to wear
  • Well-fitted thumb gusset and cuff (though I lengthened the cuff on both versions I’ve made, just because I like the cuff to go up my sleeve a little)
  • Most importantly: ingenious little cords between each finger, so the mitt doesn’t roll up on the palm of your hand as you work. Seriously, for this reason alone, you should make these mitts.
Rusalka mitts v. 2.0


The cuff pattern is a simple knit/purl chart, with little scallops. The original pattern has you sew beads along those scallops, though I opted not to do the beading for my mother-in-law’s version, to suit her style.

The other change I made for this version was that I did some rounds of twisted-stitch ribbing at the wrist, rather than the round of YOs and the dangly cord in the original pattern. The cord is pretty, but has a tendency to drag through everything on my desk, and I figured my MIL wouldn’t love that.

My original version from 2008 was knit closer to the actual pattern, and I don’t think I’ve blogged it here, so I’ll recap:

Rusalka mitt

My first Rusalkas (for me) in Estelle Arequipa

Rusalka mitts

I only did the beading on the backs of the wrists -- the sound of glass beads against my desk/laptop would drive me crazy, I think

Rusalka mitt

The colour here is off; the yarn is actually mostly brown, with hits of burgundy and green, but it's much more subtle than this. Why is some yarn so impossible to photograph?

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