Summer Dreaming

I’m continuing to knit away on the Ribena cardigan. I have the left front panel (with all of its tucks) finished, and the right front is nearly done; the back’s finished too. Once the right front is done, I’ll join the shoulders, and pick up for the sleeves. Also, because apparently I’m a sucker for punishment, I think I’ve convinced myself to pick up stitches around the bottom, to knit down and make a folded hem that will (hopefully) not roll as much. I think the folded hem will look nice with the tucks, too — here’s hoping! I have pictures, but they’re not uploaded to the computer yet, let alone the interwebs.

Meanwhile, all that stockinette is leaving me plenty of time to let myself dream of future knitting projects. Here’s what’s got me salivating just now (with Ravelry links):

  1. The Trellis Cardigan, by Laura Grutzeck, from the second St-Denis pattern book. I saw this in person at the Knitters’ Frolic in Toronto, and oh, it’s gorgeous. Lacy, but with clean lines, and a shape that will flatter my own. I may be unoriginal, but I really like the soft brownish-grey that the sample is knit in.
  2. Tanis Fiber Arts

    Tanis Fiber Arts -- This is the fingering weight, but I bet a sportweight version in these colours would be lovely...

  3. The Seraphim Shawl by Miriam Felton, or pretty much any of the shawls from her lovely Twist & Knit collection. (My good friend Suzanne bought me the Seraphim pattern last Christmas, my first experience with Ravelry’s great pattern-gift feature. The pattern is calling me!) — and PSST! MimKnits is having a sale right now, to finance a larger print run of her book!
  4. Van Der Rock Merino Sock

    Van Der Rock Merino Sock

  5. The Boxleaf Triangle by Anne Hanson. I bought this pattern at the Purple Purl on the day of the Frolic, in great anticipation of meeting the genius behind Knitspot at our Adjudicated Show. Anne did not fail to impress, and this pattern won’t either, I’m sure. I like that it’s graphic enough to stand up to a more variegated yarn…
  6. Apple Laine - Apple Pie yarn

    Apple Laine - Apple Pie yarn

  7. Merope and the rest of Romi’s designs (some not yet dreamed up!) from her Seven Small Shawls project. Or her Brandywine shawl pattern. (Who am I kidding? And her Brandywine shawl pattern.) Can you tell I’m loving the trend of designers producing their own e-books of related patterns? My brother-in-law has promised me the e-book as a belated birthday gift.
  8. Colinette Jitterbug

    Colinette Jitterbug

  9. Luiza and Gail, by Jane Araujo. Not a designer I’m familiar with by name, but wow, just check out the border on Luiza — and Gail is utterly lovely. I am willing to bet we’ll be hearing more about her in years to come.
  10. Koigu KPPPM

    Koigu KPPPM

  11. The Conifer Shawl from Kate Gagnon Osborne, in KnitScene. It’s knit in worsted weight, which means it’s much heftier than most of the ones I’m drooling over, but it still somehow has a delicate look to it. And it would be a relatively quick knit… Kate designed the gorgeous lace beret I knit for my sister last Christmas.
  12. Colinette Cadenza

    Colinette Cadenza - DK, not worsted, but it could work!

  13. And, last, but very definitely not least, Amalia, by Kay Matthews. It’s a brand new design from a local star, and I have to tell you, YUM. I saw the original green shawl at the Adjudicated Show, and — not knowing that Kay was even planning to sell the pattern — I begged her to write it up. It’s different from all of the other shawls on my list, or on any list I’ve seen lately, but dang, it’s gorgeous. My darling husband has promised me this pattern as a birthday gift.
  14. Ella Rae Lace Merino

    Ella Rae Lace Merino


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4 responses to “Summer Dreaming

  1. Catt

    Big plans eh buddy? Those are all beautiful patterns but I especially like Amalia and the Ella Rae yarn is gorgeous!!

    • Annie Bee

      Thanks! That was one of my splurges at last year’s Knitters’ Fair. I wonder what I’ll come home with this year?

  2. Looks like a great bunch of knits to come! 🙂