Birthday yarn

You don’t crack open a new decade of your life every day.

I turned 30 the other day, so this past weekend, on a trip to visit Ottawa (and, most importantly, my grandmother), I hit up the LYS and allowed myself a little bit of indulgence.

Pure silk

Pure silk. So much glowy, crunchy goodness!

Did I say a little? Maybe I meant a lot. I bought two 100-gram skeins of pure silk, undyed fingering-weight yarn. (They were only $20 apiece! How could I not?) I don’t know anything about the brand — there was just a big heap of silk in the sale area, unlabeled, in both colours and undyed, and I just sort of squeezed one and… well, you know how it is. I bought two.

I’m hoping to dye it, but whether I will dye it before or after the knitting, I’m not sure.

But I couldn’t leave with just plain (if silk can ever be plain) white yarn, now could I?

Wool-Tyme carries sock yarn from Apple Laine, an Ottawa-area dyer. I’ve been regretting NOT buying Apple Laine yarn since the last time I was there, over a year ago, so I made it a point to search out some of her lovely colours this time around. Oddly, the skeins were hanging at the end-cap of a long row of lowish shelves, and hidden almost entirely by a rack of patterns, so I only found them when I specifically asked. But once we pushed the rack aside, the skeins started calling out to me — this colourway in particular. (Again, I bought two.)

Apple Laine - Apple Pie yarn

Apple Laine's scrumptious Apple Pie yarn

It’s a little outside my usual colour zone (there’s yellow in it!) but it’s somehow still very ‘me.’ I have 100 grams, enough for a wee shawlette. I’m thinking this will be at its best in solid stockinette or garter, perhaps bordered in something more solid-coloured in a lacy stitch? Hmmm… Maybe something local from Waterloo, to tie my home with my grandmother’s?


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4 responses to “Birthday yarn

  1. Oh, I absolutely love the Apple Laine yarn! I’m eager to see it in person.

    Perhaps the Amalia Shawl would be perfect for it?

    • Annie Bee

      Hmm… there’s a thought! I’ll have to look at the construction, to see if the lace could be added in a separate colour or not. I do love Amalia!

  2. Catt

    Very pretty! I’m sure the silk is going to be lovely when it’s done, regardless of when you dye it!