Knit a Year

I’m still chugging away on the back of my Ribena cardigan. It’s slow going, mostly because (a) it’s a pile of laceweight stockinette, and (b) I haven’t had much time for knitting lately.

conference knitting

Miles of stockinette are perfect for knitting at conference registration tables, at least.

See? Not a very exciting subject for blogging just yet.

Instead, I want to talk about a project my friend Catt has embarked on: Knit a Year.

She started back in March with a challenge to knit at least a couple of rows per day, every day, for a year. The twist is that she is using a different yarn for each day, as a sort of permanent record of her moods and thoughts. Some days, that means she uses something dark, or rough and scratchy; other days, it’s something sparkly or fluffy or fine. A bunch of the #uptownknitmob members have contributed scrap yarn, so Catt has a great stash of small ends of yarns to choose from.

It’s a really interesting project. Part of my fascination, I suppose, is that I know I don’t have the kind of discipline it would take to do a project like this — as evidenced by the spectacular gaps in my blogging schedule. I’m impressed that Catt has managed, through all sorts of ups and downs, to keep this up for 75+ days now, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

I’m also kind of awed at the challenge of just taking a few minutes every day to sit and focus on what you’re feeling. I’m pretty self-aware, generally — some would say to a fault — but I’ve never been good at carving out that space for self-reflection from my day. I like that the garter-stitch knitting is simple enough that the time spent on this really is reflective time, not just enforced knitting time.

I’m not sure what I’d do with the finished product — a giant, giant, giant scarf with every weight and colour and texture of yarn imaginable — but this is definitely one of those knits that’s all about the process.

Anyway, Catt’s on my mind these days, because she’s just had major surgery, and is struggling to stay still long enough to let herself heal. I’m stuck at a conference, and can’t be there to entertain her or wait on her, but I’m sending plenty of healing wishes. Won’t you join me?


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2 responses to “Knit a Year

  1. Catt

    Anne, this is the ultimate comment and compliment… Thank you for writing about me!!! You really made my day!

  2. Catt

    Oh, and I plan on taking a picture of it wrapped around my house like a giant scarf, then hanging it on the wall of my room for decoration.