*st st, rep to end

There’s been a distinct lack of really blogable knitting around here lately.

The reason?

The lovely Geodesic Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio. And lovely, it sure is. Sweet, but  sophisticated, and streamlined. I knew as soon as I saw the preview for KnitScene that I wanted to knit this sweater.

Delicious Malabrigo Lace yarn, soft as a cloud. This was originally the Stone Chat colourway, but I found it too highly variegated to knit lace with, so I overdyed it with the help of Johanna of Lofty Fibres. I love the black-currant colours of the result! I’m calling my cardigan ‘Ribena,’ in fact.

Here’s the thing with sweaters in laceweight yarn, though. There’s a lot of stockinette stitches in one sweater.

First, you knit some stockinette.

First, you knit some stockinette.

Inching along...

Then, you knit some more stockinette.

Ribena cardigan

And then, you knit... even more stockinette.

I’m about 15″ into the body of the cardigan now — just a couple of inches farther along than in that last picture. I have done a third tuck (you can see the first two in the upper right-hand corner of that shot), and I have divided for the armholes. Right now, I’m just knitting the back; then I’ll go back to doing one side, and then the other, before moving on to the sleeves.

I’m hoping that I’ll make more progress on this now that I’m only working a portion of the width in each row. Somehow, when you’re working 250+ stitches on every row, it’s not the project you want to grab when you just have a little while to knit. The 100 or so stitches I have in the back now are much more manageable! The side panels will go even faster, although there are the short-row tucks to deal with there.

Wish me luck, and nudge me if I’m not knitting on it!

p.s. My husband is now blogging, at http://unbuzzed.blogspot.com/. Maybe his posting will help kick my butt into posting more often here?


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3 responses to “*st st, rep to end

  1. K

    Ooh, gorgeous colour. (Also, OMG I love that pattern–must hunt around online for a copy of the mag, as it isn’t available around here.)

    • Annie Bee

      Thanks! It IS a lovely pattern, and I’m only aware of one small error (listed on the Rav pattern page), which is a bonus. It’s only my second-ever adult sweater, so I’m glad I managed to land on one that’s well-written and edited!

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