Ummm… where was I?

I was still blogging Christmas projects when I left off, I think. It feels a little late for that sort of thing now — I was just outside in the sun with no coat or boots, no hat or mitts, nor even a scarf, so Christmas feels like a very long time ago.

4W ravatar with rings

Waterloo Wellington Winter Wonders avatar base

Let’s fast-forward to February, and the (ZOMG-awesome-breathaking-and-incredible) Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and their fibre-filled counterparts, the Knitting Olympics and the Ravelympics.

For the Knitting Olympics and Ravelympics, my big project challenge was to knit myself a shawl out of my own handspun for the very first time.

Winter Greens handspun

This is really my second batch of handspun, but the first I've knit with.

Heart. Period.

I *heart* knitting with handspun!

Despite a fairly significant set-back (a gastro bug that landed me in the ER, and knocked me flat for a week) I managed to finish this shawl in about 8 days. That’s some speedy knitting, for me, at least!

Vancouver Winter Greens shawl

Vancouver shawl in the sunlight

Ravelry details

Vancouver Winter Greens shawl

Glamour shot!

The pattern is Multnomah, which is a tremendously popular shawl, and for good reason. It’s satisfying and squishy, with lots of garter and then the simplest of feather-and-fan lace patterns to give it some lightness and movement. I think it shows off the handspun really well; I didn’t want a complex lace pattern that would conflict with the colour variations in the plies and in the overall yarn.

I decided to call this my Vancouver Shawl. First, the obvious: it’s my first Ravelympics/Knitting Olympics project ever, and the Olympics it coincided with were the ones held here in Canada. Second, the colours in the yarn (BFL top from my friend Johanna at Lofty Fibres) are really reminiscent of the graphics used throughout the Olympics. And third, the rhythmic swooshing of the feather-and-fan reminds me of the graceful lines cut by the athletes in so many competitions — the glamourous ice dancers, the speed-demons on the ski and snowboard slopes, even the long strides of the speed skaters.

Ravelympics Medal: Lace Luge

Lace Luge Ravelympics medal

Ravelympics Medal: Short-track Shawls

Short Track Shawls Ravelympics medal

Competing for the Waterloo Wellington Winter Wonders, aka Team 4W, the local team I co-captained, this shawl medalled in two Ravelympics events, the Lace Luge and the Short Track Shawls.

Knitting Olympics gold

Knitting Olympics gold

It also succeeded in achieving gold at the Knitting Olympics. Not bad for a first Olympic effort, I think!

More on my Ravelympics experience soon…


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7 responses to “Whoooosh!

  1. It’s beautiful! And goodness–stay healthy please!

    • Annie Bee

      Thanks, Alison! Working on the health thing — but compared to what you’ve been through, my occasional blips of illness are nothing!

  2. Trisha

    Are you Anne Whitcombe from Orangeville? I am looking up old friends and I believe we were good friends in Elementary school. I was Trish Short back then.

    • Annie Bee

      I am! How did you find me? I’m impressed! And, more importantly, how (and where) are you?

      • Trisha

        I googled it and found your Dad’s twitter account and then I found yours. It has been a very long time.
        I am in a small town called Thamesford just east of London. I am doing well. How ere you?

      • Annie Bee

        That’s so cool! Do you tweet? or is e-mail better? *Edited to remove contact info*

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