Christmas Knits #2

The Christmas gift I made for my husband, is the whole reason why I keep feeling like I’ve done a lot of Christmas knitting, even if — as I said — I’ve really only done four projects.

Stitch marker


It involved a lot of stockinette.

Stitch marker


And then some more stockinette.

Danny Boy vest


(That’s Knit Picks City Tweed DK in Orca. I’m in love with it. So soft! But it’s a lot of knitting, on #5 needles!)

I made a heavily modified version of the Hyland Argyle Vest. The pattern called for DK-weight yarn, but the gauge was considerably off. I had cast on for an extra-large, based on measuring Mr. Bee’s other vests and sweaters, and I was a couple of inches in before I realized that I had twisted the work in joining it. I pulled the knitting off the needles and measured it before frogging it entirely — and promptly discovered that it was several inches larger in circumference than I had ever intended. I redid my calculations and realized that the numbers for the medium were much closer to the desired size! I knit it much longer than a medium would ever be, as Mr. Bee is 6’2″. In total, it’s about 29″ long, and 24.5″ wide.

Danny Boy vest

A wee bit o' fair isle

I made my own colourwork chart for the chest band, preferring to avoid the intarsia argyle stripe as given in the pattern. I’m pleased with how it turned out!

Danny Boy vest - COMPLETE!

Finished -- but unblocked

I originally intended the vest as a surprise. A few times, Mr. Bee walked in on me while I was knitting, and I figured it would be more suspicious if I suddenly hid away my work than if I just quietly kept knitting. I got bolder, as time went on, and started knitting more and more in front of him. I figured he was aware of what I was doing, and was cannily keeping silent in order not to ruin the surprise.

Eventually, I made some comment about him being very wise not to say anything about what I was working on. He looked at me blankly. — What? What are you working on, anyway? Oh wait, is that…? Oh! Is that for me? If I’d kept my mouth shut, he might never have suspected anything!

Anyway, I was glad enough that he knew about the vest, because I was able to have him try it on and give opinions about the fit as I worked. Plus, I don’t know how I ever would have blocked it without him noticing — seeing as how my blocking area is in his study!


Mr. Bee, looking spiffy!

I think he’s happy with it.


Merry Christmas, honey!


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7 responses to “Christmas Knits #2

  1. Catt

    It turned out great Anne….looks very nice on Mr Bee.

  2. Oh, awesome! It looks great, and the fit seems perfect. It looks quite nice on! That City Tweed yarn looks really pretty knit up, I may have to get some in my next KP order. And I should really get moving on the vest I was designing for S. Really soon…uh-huh.

    • Annie Bee

      Thanks, Lindsey! I have another ball and a half or so left, if you want to test it out — it does knit up very nicely!

  3. The vest looks great. I think Manning is a tight knitter, when I knit her patterns now I start swatching 2 needle sizes down and go from there

    • Annie Bee

      Thanks! This is the first of her patterns I’ve knit, but I’ll definitely be skeptical of her gauge in future. Otherwise, the pattern was well written and clear, though!

  4. Beautiful! Congratulations to both of you!