Christmas Knits #1

I’ve done lots of Christmas knitting this year — or at least, it feels like lots, though it’s really only about four projects. And, uh, most of them were hats.

The Kitty Cat Cable hat that I posted yesterday was actually the last item that I finished, and I whipped it up in less than a week. Before that, I had one smallish mystery project, and two not-mystery projects — which together marked the first time that I’ve knitted a gift where the recipient knew about it in advance.

For my sister, I made a hat from the Fall 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting: the #13 Lace Beret, also known (in my head, at least) as the Whipped Cream Beret.

Whipped Cream Beret, blocking

Whipped Cream Beret

She requested an off-white, slouchy beret when she was home in the summer — and then I immediately knitted her a very-veryveryfarfrom-white beret instead, because she fell in love with the yarn! (She’s always been a fan of all things rainbow… This Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock fit the bill, for sure.)

Magical Rainbow Beret

Magical Rainbow Beret

Anyway, I made sure she had a (supremely colourful)Ā  hat, so her head wouldn’t get cold in whatever passes for winter in the Tokyo area, and then I sat down to do something a little finer. I told her that she would have to wait until Christmas for the off-white hat she’d requested.

Back in September, I found some lovely yarn (an alpaca cashmere blend in a nice creamy-but-not-too-yellowy shade), and then swamped my poor sister with e-mails and tweets about potential patterns. We settled on the Vogue beret, and I was off! The pattern is lovely, and especially appropriate because it features a Japanese lace pattern.

Whipped Cream Beret

See why I call this one Whipped Cream?

I only made a few modifications to the pattern — I repeated 2-7 (which are the same as rows 8-13) an additional time, to add some length. Also, I increased the needle sizes: I did the ribbing on #2s, and the lace on #4s. I did the first few rows of the lace on #3s (as suggested), but decided I wanted it even more open, so upped it to #4s.

(I should mention that my sister and I, like the rest of our family, have huge honkin’ heads. To get a beret to slouch, you need a lot of extra fabric!)

Apart from those few changes, the beret pattern was well written and a pleasant knit. I had to enlarge the chart to peer at it, but that’s typical for me.

Whipped Cream Beret

Whipping up that cream

I hope she likes the finished product! I’ll try to get a picture or two with the hat on her actual head once she opens it…


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3 responses to “Christmas Knits #1

    • Annie Bee

      Thanks, Alison! Wish I had your skill at designing my own lace, but for now, other people’s designs keep me happy and busy. šŸ™‚ Merry Christmas to you and yours – enjoy having your clan around you!

  1. trish

    The “Whipped Cream” looks beautiful!! So glad we inspired you!!
    Trisha from VK