Fluttering by…

I’ve been tweeting lots lately, but haven’t had time to blog properly. Mr. Bee and I took a few days’ vacation, and isn’t it always the way that vacation keeps you busier than “normal” life?

I promise a better update, but it may be a few days yet. This weekend, we’re off to my parents’ for a birthday celebration.

Meanwhile, here’s a comic that we spotted in the paper on Sunday, when we were heading out of town for our holiday:

Social nitwitting
Social nitwitting — click to embiggen!

I’m proud to say that my dad is on Twitter (@CanLaddie), and he has not once tweeted about toilet seats or pyjama pants — although he did post a shot of his wacky Morris-dancing pants, which may come close. I’m sure my sister, and new Twitter user (@MsWhitcombe) is also relieved by this!

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  1. Gillian

    Well, Dad’s always been ahead of us on technology… which I am counting on, because my old computer needs fixing! 😛