Casting on…

So, the big question here: is this first post a provisional cast-on, or what? Personally, I’m partial to the tubular cast-on — it may be a bit fiddly, but the finished result is so smooth and perfect.

I don’t actually expect this blogging thing to be quite so smooth, nor so perfect. I have blogged very occasionally on personal and professional blogs in the past, but never with much focus, and with even less rigour. That was all before knitting took over my brain (if not my life, and my living room), and before I started playing around with Twitter and making connections through Ravelry.

Bear with me as I test out a new platform, a new kind of voice, and a new online home.

I’m casting on, and the swatching begins…


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4 responses to “Casting on…

  1. sra

    This first post is delightfully knit-nerdy.

  2. Gillian

    I like the new blog project! I’ll be in the part of town with the Avril store later this week – Anything SPECIFIC I can pick up for you? (Don’t say it’s up to me – I need direction!)

    See you in 3 weeks!